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February 03, 2008



Hey, I have all that snot too! You know misery loves some company and I am in some true kind of misery here.

I haven't heard of like 3/4 of those bands, but it sounds like a pretty amazing vacation. We do want pictures, though somehow I'm guessing it's either of your toes, or of Gary naked, and I'm not sure which one I'd rather see.


Oooooooo, thanks for the Harvey Danger link. I wasn't a fan until last year, and it took me months to find a CD with Flagpole Sitta on it.


Cruises are DESIGNED to give you some measure of cooties. Last cruise I was on, everyone got sick with something involving mucus and a sore throat except my husband and me. I didn't get it until we were in the car outside the disembarking station, at which time I developed a fever and couldn't stand up again for a week. It got the husband as soon as it was done with me.



Katie - Nope, not Gary naked. The naked photo shot has 1,000 people in it this year. I can only barely see Gary, and you can't see me. Neh, it's just an erect celebrity penis.
Ajooja - You are welcome - only it seems I cant get to any spot where I can get anything to download except the direct download of the latest CD.
Sherri - Thank you. I will try. I haven't moved out of bed for two days. And my jammies stink, and not in a good way.

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