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February 25, 2008



I lurrvve those shoes! And congrats to Friend #4 - I'm glad you're all going to be at Teddy J's together.


I must have those shoes. This Teddy J must be one fine looking job.


Is that an IUD? What the heck is that?


Lemme add to the shoe love. It's technically spring shoe season, isn't it? I hear the siren call (or maybe that's just my credit card screaming).

Amy in StL

Wow, you've got some hairy eyebrows there! You should maybe invest in a good tweezer...;)


My feet are my livelihood thus I do not torture them with those spiked horrors. I did subject them to a slightly high heel when I was learning to ballroom dance some years ago.

Of course even if I were inclined to wear such shoes it would be impossible. I wear an 11 wide, and any shoes of that type that are manufactured would quickly be snapped up by transvestites. In retaliation I have become a transvestite and buy and wear a lot of men's clothing.

Hot Mom

The shoes are hot. And, Queenie, I would have noticed your skinniness today had I not been taken in by the red shoes. I guess that I now have to buy some hot red patent leather boots to preserve my title.

P.S. I love the artistic flair of your curls in the profile.


Slingbacks? Hot.

And my inner (or not so much) math nerd must point out we're running the even numbers, not the odd ones.


In the tracing - are you looking right or left?


Becs - The shoes were widely complimented by strangers.
Katie - Thanks, he is, and he contionues to feed me well. Chicken Kiev today.
Candy - I've never been told, "Your face looks like an IUD!" But I can kind of see that. It's Gary's drawing of my profile.
Sherri - DSW, Liz Claiborne. I think the shoe lust is out of my system.
Amy in StL - I asked Gary what that was, and he said it was a curl. I dont know why he felt he need to preserve it.
Zayrina - I thought of you when I bought them, Zayrina.
Hot Mom - I think you can order those boots online with matching gloves.
Caroline - I KNEW someone would catch that.
Pamela/Big Dot - Okay, who sees a vase? Actually, I'm looking to the left. See the tiny horizontal line. Those are my lips.


Just wanted to add that I mistook your profile for a picture of a shoestring. (And wondering WTF?)

This is why I am not an artist or a photographer.


Zayrina - I think thats why GARY isnt an artist.

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