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January 29, 2008



Be glad your husband recognized him when Kermit's head came off... not fully costumed and taking a whiz in the bathroom. THAT would be disturbing.

Have fun!

Hot Mom

Headless Kermit is disturbing but not as disturbing as the thought that he was earlier naked and in the front row? Have another Martini, Queenie.


Great Big Sea!!! I am SOOOOO jealous. That Alan guy is so cute.


Tammy - Yes! Especially since he was wearing the Kermit hands with the Kermit fingers.
Hot Mom - I had four Martinis, a mudslide, and a Red Stripe. It would have made you proud.
Becs - Really? Okay. Needs a haircut, if you ask me. Crinkly eyes, through.

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