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January 21, 2008



That sounds like a joke straight out of the Simpsons.


"I could be electrocuted. I could be hanged. I could be given any other punishment...But I think forgiveness and reconciliation is the right way to go."

I think I'm going to use this every time I do something wrong. It's lovely.


Gen. Butt Naked be Gen. In Sane.


Katie - I want a photo of him. Perhaps he's yellow with spiky hair.
Erin - You are right. They should have led with that.
Becs - Oh...ohhh, you THINK? Insane man with a gun and he isn't dead yet.


You have been hanging around a bit too much with Hot Mom. Oh, the snark, it burns!


Becs - Burning Snark directed at General Butt, not at you.

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