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January 16, 2008



Lather. RINSE. Repeat.

Friend #3

As long as Gary isn't claiming to be Anna Nicole's baby daddy, you got yourself a very entertaining keeper there.

Friend #3

P.S. You do realize your "Pronunciation" title is cut off, don't you?

Friend #3

P.P.S. Unless that's some derivative of Latin or something.


I have no words.


But Caroline, Gary could argue that you only have to repeat the lather portion, not the rinsing.

*chuckle* Ellen, he's certainly entertaining.


Gary is about as adamant about very wrong things as Matt is.

For instance, I referenced Lewis and Clark in conversation the other day and Matt says this:

"LEWIS?? Whos's Lewis and Clark? Don't you mean Lois and Clark? HAHAHAHA...poor wife born in a third world country doesn't know 2nd grade American History."

I almost ripped my hair out and frustration and disbelief.

"Uh, no. It's Lewis and Clark. It's Lois and Clark Kent. Dear."

Of course when he went and Google'd it (to prove me wrong), he was quickly deflated.

At least Gary didn't mock your mother country and lowly-birth.


Caroline - See Jammies comment.
Friend #3 - Oh, change your font size.
Autumn - And to that I say, "."
Jammies - And he would. This is why I don't bring these things up.
Melati - That's like a HATE CRIME. I would protest.


The discussion of "how detergent works" (one end of the molecule sticks to the dirt, the other end sticks to water, if I recall correctly) was one of the more memorable days in 9th Grade chemistry. I can still see the squiggles on the blackboard.


TasterSpoon - here's whats sad: I mopped again and while it's better, I can't get it up. I need to suck the soapy water molecules entirely off the floor, I guess.

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