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January 21, 2008


Actual Friend #3 AKA Anything But Hot Geriatric Poodle Mom

Hey, International Toe Porn Superstar Spunky Labia, did I slip to #4?.


I don't know how I missed the blog of foot pictures the first time around, but can I say how wholly frightening it is? Did people in the pizza place look at you like you were crazy for taking a picture of pizza and your toes?

I hate when you don't have time to get excited for something. Maybe this way you won't have expectations and the whole thing will rock your socks off (see how I did that? ha. ha ha.)


It's the whole cruise thing. Three years ago we did a 1 week cruise thing with Peter Woodward (you don't need to remember who he is, but mah heart, it just skipped a beat). It was in January, and despite having planned it almost 8 months in advance, when January came, I felt like the cruise ambushed me.

Aside from that, I have done two cruises now, and I'm not into cruises. BO-RING. Boring. boring. And everyone gets Cruise Crud.

Hot Mom


When I get to go on a grown-up vacation, I like to sit on my ass in the sun. The difference between us is that the only time I get to sit down is at work and I'm too busy to enjoy it then.


I felt like that last time before my trip to China. I thought I would be suuuuper excited but I didn't even realize I was going on a month-long trip to somewhere halfway around the world until I was sitting in the airport and they told us the flight was delayed 7 hours.

Obviously I spent the next 7 hours bouncing in my seat with anticipation.


Actual Friend #3 AKA Anything But Hot Geriatric Poodle Mom - Okay, everyone's all up in my face with Math today.
Katie - nice! And no one even noticed my foot photo in Chicago.
Sherri - I blame January. Christmas takes up all time before the cruise, then there's taking down Christmas, then bam! It's cruise time.
Hot Mom - Dang it, I thought it would be fun if people ganged up on you like they did about Marcia and her bird.
Summer - What I hate is when it doesn't hit you until you've been ON vacation two weeks.

Miami Hotels

Well, I think everyone could fit in on a hips-n-Dip Cruise :) Why not? It's a cruise, you swin a little, it's all just pure fun. Even with a bunch of whiny ladies. I booked one of these cruises via easyclicktravel from miami to the carribean. Let's see how mine turns out.

Miami Hotels

Did you HAVE TO or did you LOVE IT? I can't imagine i'm the only guy who's crazy about Miami. I live in Europe but book at least one flight on easyclicktravel every sigle year to go to Miami. I love this place! Miami Beach Florida is by far the best spot on earth!


Miami Hotels - Hi! Spunky wants to know how you're doing. She's much less whiny now.

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