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January 19, 2008


Solomon Broad

That story takes me back to my childhood. Creepy days.


we call it The Red Rocket around here.


This is why I have always preferred to have bitches. Male dogs are just so icky.


I remember the first time I noticed my dog's penis (I was maybe 5?) and I thought the same thing - lipstick. Weird.


Ah ha. My step-mom always called it lipstick and I think that plays a serious role in why I don't ever wear lipstick.

Also, if it makes you feel better regarding the whole sleeping on the left side debacle, I finally took some Aleve and besides the small ulcer I have, my head feels amazingly better. Perhaps it's the combination of left side sleeping and Aleve that's the key.


Solomon Broad - Oooo. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to.
Jenny - Didn't the South Park kids play Red Rocket? That was probably oine of the grossest South Parks ever...
Zayrina - They do pee more.
Becs - Well, it's the right color, its the right texture, it extrudes smoothly.
Katie - Does Becs wear lipstick? That's my question, now. Plus, Aleve is a god send.


That happened once with my dog when I was little. I think I was so mortified that I didn't know what or why it was I didn't speak of it. Until now.


Autumn - It's time to break the cycle of silence. Now you can begin to heal.

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