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January 24, 2008



What a good daughter!

I would've pulled the quesadilla back way before that.


In Elizabeth Berg's "We Are All Welcome Here" the protagonist's mother is a polio quad. She punishes the little girl by biting her finger. Of course, she had to tell the kid to come here. And the kid did it.

So it's good you were nice to your mom yesterday.


The Queen Mum rocks. And you are a good daughter. How would she have explained that she bit off your finger if that had actually happened? Although it would've made for a very interesting blog;)


That has got to be so annoying, not having arms in good working order.You can't scratch your nose when it needs it, just for starters.

Feeding people is not as easy as it looks. Being fed has got to be a chore too.

It's nice you both keep the sense of humor intact.

Vaguely Urban

Good call on the quesadilla. Practical and, more importantly, delicious.

sarah bean

Aww, it's moments like these... something.
Humor makes the worst things more bearable huh - good on you guys!


I think I've said "Awwwwww" on about six blogs today, so I'm going to do everything I can to avoid it.

But this was such a cool post. I love it. Can't ... help ... myself.

Awwwwwwwww. :)


I went on a date with a quadriplegic. Okay, totally different situation. But yeah, feeding someone does take more skill than feeding yourself. I have to say - he made it an extremely hot experience. And my fingers were not....bitten.


But were your toes on the table too? Because I think that would add a whole different dimension to that story (which is sickeningly sweet by the way).


You're a good daughter.

My gran was in a nursing home with Parkinsons and started getting real skinny because no one would take the time to feed her. My mom went over day and night, for years, to feed her momma.


sgazetti - I really wasn't fishing for a "What a good daughter" compliment.
Becs - I would have let my mom bite me too.
Autumn - she does rock. And, really not fishing for compliments.
Zayrina - "Being fed has got to be a chore too." I would think so. I can just picture having Gary feed me.
Vaguely Urban - And, did I mention she also sucked back a mango pineapple smoothie?
Sarah Bean (Hi Sarah Bean!) - It was a pretty funny lunch. Mom has a great sense of humor.
Ajooja - if you weren't such a guy, I'd say you were a girl. And, not fishing for "Awwww."
Becs - That. Is. A blog post. Why have I not read "My date with a quad?" It needs to be republished if I missed it.
Katie (or should I call you Kathryn?) - ow! Sweet? I really wasn't going for sweet.
Suebob - Really not going for "You're a good daughter." I have totally mis-written this post. But your Mom was a good daughter.

Friend #3 AKA Moses

I must admit to being jealous.

Hot Mom

I love the Queen Mum. She's an inspiration to me.


Friend #3 - Ush-hay on the Oses-may! We can't discuss that yet.
Hot Mom - I think I am correct in saying Queen Mom rolls her eyes at the whole "inspiration" thing, but she inspires me too.

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