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January 15, 2008



Ah, living vicariously through the wife's blog, what a way to go! My husband rarely makes the show, I try to shelter him if I can. Glad Gary is having fun with it, though!


I'm so glad some celebrities understand their duty to the public. It's a responsibility, not a privilege, to be known for your ability to point out weirdly-shaped dog poo and your undaunted courage in paragliding.

What's the canopy thing, anyway?

Friend #3

Just don't get into any car chases with the papparazzi.


I'm glad Gary has finally adopted the 'Won't somebody think of the readers?!' mindset. Awesome.


If we are indeed in the same excursion group (10am), then I will make sure Gary doesn't get stuck in a tree. I am an awesome piggybacker. He can hop on. I'll save his ass.


We're not only here for you to enrich our lives, we're here to help you enrich yours as well..."HELP ME HELP YOU!"

Hot Mom

I doff my hat to your Man, my Queen. He is truly a good guy.


Tell Gary that snuba (whatever that is) and canopy tours have been done.


I want something more.

And nude paragliding sounds like exactly what the doctor ordered.

Commence to start!


Naked on a deck with hundreds of other people? Quirky. Nude with your dongle dangling above the earth? Disturbing.


judith - He's a good-natured guy. That means I have to test him.
Becs - It's a zip line - like this:
Friend #3 - Oh, like we haven't already. (Oddly I had just woken up from a car chase dream this morning. Spooky.)
Catherine - He's a giver.
Kate - No. Don't try it. You would be killed.
Autumn - And I thank you for your support.
Hot Mom - Yes'm, he is.
melati - Snuba is actually less adventurous than snorkel - evidently you get into a deep-sea-diver headgear that pipes oxygen in and take co2 out. It would be a step down, really. Unless, I guess, if it were Nude Snuba.
Caroline - but, would it be visible from 600 feet? And, would that be TMI?


Oh what vicarious thrills! I can't wait to (almost) live the adventure!


KC - I might take requests.


Gary - what a guy. Makes Hubs look like a slacker. He doesn't contribute nearly enough to my blog. *sigh*


sue - yes, but I can see your husband doing guest posts when needed. Gary refuses vehemently.


I seriously cannot get enough of either of you. I'm so glad you blog your adventures.


Rachelshirts - Just wait, because we will be ready to be tied to the zip line, and Gary will scream "WE CANT DO THIS ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?"

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