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December 10, 2007



Oh God. I was eating when I opened this.

I hope your mom's elbow and your pancreas are fine. And not testicular.

The brownies may have been overdone, but they were still brownies, and ain't nothin' wrong with that.


Yikes! That's scary. My dog had that once and still her arm wasn't that hairy!


Caroline - We find out about Mom's elbow Weds and my pancreas (hopefully) Friday.
Judith - yes, when we looked it up about half the elbows were dog elbows. Plus, did you notice it's a shaved testicle/elbow?


Ah, Spongeworthy...I completely empathized with Elaine in that episode. I was crushed when "they" took the Sponge off the market. I celebrated when "they" brought it back. (By the way, I would think the smell would get to you if you leave it in too long...but that's just an educated guess.)


pageycooks - As I understand it, the same company didn't bring it back. The original company had the recall because their factories were up to code. They said "screw it then," and a different company bought the sponge idea and made them under the same name.I'm considering popping one up there during a random moment and then seeing if I can tolerate it for the 26 hours it can stay there.

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