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December 05, 2007



And Zayrina is the greena in Indianina.


I got my first toe-related search engine keyword the other day. Someone found my site by googling "my cute toes." Wha?


Well, you do have those colorful socks posted up in the corner, you know... the ones that the toe people must drool over every time they pop in. :)


I wish I could officially label some of those dots. I use sitemeter so the best I can do is remember ISPs and hometowns. :)


Inexplicably, I am big in Redmond, WA. Do you suppose Melinda isn't keeping Mr. Gates entertained?


Zayrina - Id say you are Queena Zayrina.
Kathy - And so it begins. Accept your fame!
Sue - Especially the socks that are sheer - that must be like lingerie.
Ajooja - You know it is free - http://www.google.com/analytics/ - you just put a snippet of code in your html.
Becs - No one in Redmond for me. Fine. But a big dot in Vancouver WA. Maybe that's Bills summer house.

I am your Big Dot in Auckland, I think: you are my Displacement Activity for when I should be doing something else (ie work), which means I visit you several times a day. (What's one more addiction, amongst so many?) But I would like to think that there are other Kiwis enjoying your world as much as I do.


"" - (I will call you Big Dot. Hi Big Dot! Everyone, say hi to the other hemisphere.) Let me tell you, your dot is big, bigger even than New York City. Are you getting any work done? There must be more than one of you, but so far you are the only one to sack up and come forward.


Bigger than New York?!!! I'm so proud. Make my day and tell me I've also beaten Australia.


Big Dot - ohhhh, no, Australia hates me even more per capita than Montana. They don't even have a tenth what you have.

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