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December 25, 2007



(Sort of hates A Christmas Story, too)

*siinks away


Someone could hate "A Christmas Story"? How? How? In heaven's name, how? Noooooo...


I watched most of It's a Wonderful Life last night. I realized I've hardly ever seen the beginning of THAT movie! I still like it.


We love Ralphie! Deck the hars with bars of hary - Fa-ra-ra-ra!


A Christmas Story loses its flavor after multiple viewing. When I saw it the first time at the theater I nearly passed out laughing. It is quintessentially representative of a typical mid-western upbringing in the 40's 50's and 60's. To again achieve that level of innocence...

But then I hate Gone with the Wind.


Zayrina, I was born and raised in the South. GWTW was like mother's milk to my grandmother, my mother and women of my generation. I can recite most (if not all) of the dialog by heart.

I recently rewatched "Casablanca" and hated both Rick and Ilsa, self-absorbed little shnooks.


OoOOOoO I love Casablanca. Next time I watch it I will see if I can see it from your perspective. My mother's favorite move of all time was GWTW. I just found it over acted and I felt Ashley Wilkes was a closeted homosexual and needed to come out.

Different strokes for different folks I guess.


Kathy - It's okay. You probably saw the first fifteen minutes and it poisoned the movie for you.
Becs - Well, they might be related to my in-laws.
Rhea - You make up for my Mom - she's never seen the END of it's a Wonderful life. She just gets so upset when George loses the money. We've tried to explain it's okay, but she can't stand it.
PageyCooks - "It was ... SOAP POISONING!"
Zayrina / Becs / Zayrina - You should both take film suggestions from Gary. If he doesn't like any of the characters (or if he feels they are of poor character) he cannot like the movie.


Yeah, don't feel bad. My kids hate it too. Go figure.


It's on TV here tonight! In Auckland, NZ! And I'd never heard of it before reading about it here. Now, dilemma: should I skip the first 15 minutes or not? I never feel properly connected to something I haven't seen the opening credits for, but then I don't want to be repelled either...


Candy - well, they weren't kids in the old days. I forgive them.
Big Dot - I'd tolerantly watch the first 15 minutes, knowing it isn't indicative of the rest. What time is it there anyway? 6 am? And isn't it summer down there or something?


Yes, it's 2.30 on a summer afternoon (tomorrow, to you) and the sun's shining, there are butterflies on the flowers in the garden, birds and cicadas are making the only noise, the windows and doors are open and there's a warm breeze blowing the Christmas cards onto the floor. I read your accounts of ice storms with deep interest as I sit here with bare arms and legs. Tomorrow I think I'll take the dog for a spin along the beach...


Big Dot - you have just blown my mind, dude.


Mother: "Randy, what's wrong?"


Ralphie: "Oh....fudge."


I love this movie more than I can say here. Also, I hope to score lots of pretty crystal things in Prague and have them shipped back to the U.S. in boxes stamped FRAGILE. It's Italian, you know.


My secretary this year gave me an A Christmas Story nightlight (it's a miniature of the leg lamp). I gave her a big hug. I'm not sure if she knows me really well or if she was just wildly regifting. I'm choosing to believe the former.


Catherine - I often have to stop and think a moment to remember how to pronounce that word correctly.
TasterSpoon - Who would regift a Major Award?

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