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December 25, 2007



Did you also get the tank cover for her? In my experience with them, they tend to cause the tank to sweat and they get all nasty.
Also, the armadillo basket is a bit gruesome. I would be afraid the spirit of the little fellow would haunt my dreams if I had such an item in my home.


What DID you do with the armadillo basket?


She's probably put it next to the elephant's foot umbrella stand in the hall. On the tiger skin rug. With her kangaroo's paw back-scratcher inside it. Seriously, that is one creepy basket.


What you need to get for her is a really large St. Francis of Assisi, complete with a giraffe and a donkey. I happen to have a nice one, three feet tall, made of metal of course. She'll love it! Then any present you give her after that will be so incredibly tasteful, you won't have to complain, ever again!


Pageycooks - I am sure this armadillo died peacefully from old age. There will be no hauntings. And, no tank cover, we just need traction on the floor here.
Melissa - Well, it's sitting on the kitchen table at Mom's. We watched it closely to be sure it wouldn't warm up and leak insects like Aunt Nancy's Peruvian craft necklace did.
Big Dot - My grandparents had a footstool made of a dromedary hump. It was cool. If this was a pair of boots, would it be better?
Judith - You know what's gross? They make the same baskets, but around the rim there are four little shriveled armadillo FEET. I could have gone there. A Saint Francis sounds good too.


Well, for me, yes - but then I'm hypocrisy personified. Now that I remember the baby octopi and the pigs' snouts, I have to give you full marks for consistency. I see your dromedary hump footstool and I raise you a kangaroo scrotum bottle opener.



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