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December 26, 2007



He got YOU the camera? So where are the interesting Polaroids of Gary?


Tyra Banks would say "You need to learn how to smile with your eyes," and then do this slightly squinty demonstration that really isn't much different than her normal expression.

Something like that.


I don't think you look like a hamster. I think you look like a Renaissance princess.

Isn't it such a bitch, though? When we were young(er), we thought we were so horribly ugly when in fact we weren't. We were just perfect. And who knows, maybe we still are....Well, to our 60 y/o selves, maybe.


Just to show you how out of it I am, I didn't know what was in the box until almost right before the jump. I really need to get out more. And shame on you for taking dirty pictures!


You don't look like a hampster. You look like a lovely, dreamy young lady.


Oh - yeah - what Silk said. Where are the pix of Gary?




I just want to give you some freaking food. You don't look stupid, I think you're just starving. A nice casserole with some protein and the life would reappear in your eyes.


Katie - I know. How about those collar bones? I've never in my life had collar bones.


~~Silk - Um, Gary saved HIS favorites, not mine. Besides, I am equipped with an imagination.
Kathy - I was lusting with my eyes. The best I could. It is so LAME. (Smacks younger self's head)
Becs - A STUPID Renaissance Princess. And, I know this is true, the current me will look good to the 60 year old me. I just need Gary to appreciate my current hotness. He isn't comparing me to 60 year olds.
Candy - Well, it was only soft-core porn.
SueBob - A STUPID dreamy young lady.
Becs - Truthfully, I can only remember one, and it was actually destroyed with scissors (so it would never appear on the internet).
Zayrina - Ha! HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA! I'm still laughing about that. LOLZ.
Katie - You should have seen my rib cage.
Becs - Yeah, those collar bones are long gone.


Duz u haz a flavr?


Zayrina - I iz in your bedz, looking stoopidz.


Zayrina - Oh! I can't believe I didn't go with "NOM NOM NOM!"

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