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December 18, 2007



Putty is better than mud! You go, girl! I bet you have those people eating out of your hands!


Pancreatic putty. Who knew? Well congrats your Majesty and best of luck in the trial.

Vaguely Urban

Those sound like some good results. I'm so happy you missed the heart (or whatever body part) of the experience, and that things are moving forward.

Also, way to be a kickass advocate for yourself.


I've never been so happy to hear about putty in a pancreas.

Congrats on not getting Versed too. Sounds like a whole day of victory!


I'm a little disappointed. I was hoping your cyst would turn out to be a reabsorbed twin. That, to me, would be the equivalent of a medical grand slam. I even googled "pseudocyst" just to make sure that it wasn't a fancy name for "fragments of a vanished twin."

(I am happy that it wasn't anything serious, though).


Hooray! Did they pop that pimple, or did they just leave all that disorganization in there?

SUPERbummer about the lowfat holiday. Although, we made a pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving with nonfat evaporated milk that turned out delicious - if you don't eat the crust, the only fat in there is from the 2 eggs, and I guess you could fake those with eggbeaters or something. This does little to substitute for nuts and cheese, but it's something. I've been hitting the skim hot cocoas pretty hard lately. Godiva liqueur is n/f. So is spiced rum. Just saying.


Bad pancreas, faking a cyst like that! I bet it just wanted attention.

And yes, the lowfat thing at the holidays sucks, but if you were getting solumedrol you'd be on a lowfat, no-salt, no alcohol diet, so it could be worse, yes?


Judith - Well, I don't know. I got a message from them today asking I call them back "immediately." Perhaps its C4 and not putty.
Zayrina - I came close to quitting it all today after the four hour MRI wait.
Vaguely Urban - Things are hurtling forward. The four hour MRI today means that I have to go back and finish up tomorrow, then it's time for my first dose.
Katie - When they reported on Gary's gallstones they used words like "cranberry and chartreuse" to describe the color. Putty sounds so pedestrian.
Christy - OH MY GOD! You are so right! Bwhahahaaha.
Tasterspoon - I got the idea they extruded it. Actually, I'm afraid to eat. Today I had a banana.
Jammies - I could indeed be worse. Plus, I carbo-loaded and chowed fatty foods right before the test, so I'm actually pretty satisfied.

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