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December 18, 2007



Ativan! Ativan! Ativan!

I slept for the entire day after my surgery and apparently was not in my right mind the next day either because two friends stopped by to visit and I thought I was polite and lovely to be around. However, now, everytime I see them they laugh at me and they won't tell me what I did. Those, those are true friends...

Good luck on the pancre-spot testing. We're thinking about you.


Positive pancreatic energy surging your way!


Katie - Ahh, I asked for Ativan, but they gave me a general anesthetic instead. And I think your friends are just messing with your head. Zayrina - well, it worked. Just a putty-like substance. They said it may have been left over from a previous bout of pancreatitis, which you'd think I would have remembered.

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