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December 15, 2007



The legs always win out.


Alright...so that's a pretty important reason I guess...but still! The next one won't be until February! I fully expect you to be there. :)


And she didn't buy both because....?


Judith - Yep. If I had good legs they would win here.
Marriage 101 - February is Cool, as long as it isn't the day Kathy Griffin is at the Fox.
Caroline - Ummm...because they weren't buy one get one free.

Catherine the Red

Okay, you made me feel so self concious about my dress choice I acutally went back to the Dillards close to me to see if there was another dress I could choose from that was in the middle of the two. There wasn't, but I looked. And, now, tonight, I'm going to feel like a hooker-girl in my Disco Ball dress, not what I wanted. All I can hope now is that the dude likes it, as I've only got 1.5 hours before I have to meet him and there is No Time LEFT to find another dress!!


Catherine the Red - No, there are no dresses that compare to Catherine Goes to the Symphony. But, as Mom pointed out today, you wear your coat to the seat, take off your coat, put your coat on and leave. No one actually sees you standing up in your dress at the symphony. And, to be totally honest, I've seen people in jeans at the symphony - but they were in the nose bleed seats.

Catherine the Red

I did not wear a coat as that would not have looked good with the dress. I did however, find a satin bolero jacket that worked just fine. And, the dude loved the dress. And, I got compliments from other people (total strangers...admiring the dress...At The Symphony!)...so, suckmahballs.


Catherine the Red - Okay, I am humbled, but just know if you had worn the OTHER dress total strangers would not have been so forward as to approach you because they would be convinced you were royalty.

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