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December 03, 2007



Ick. I hope the nerf ball feeling turns out to be a benign nerf ball. (I have a nerf ball, too, and I'm pretty sure it's gallstones, if that's any consolation.)


Kathy - Gallstones? Noooo. I've seen what happens when you lose the gallbladder. No thanks.

Friend #3

If you'd like, I've made myself the designated driver for Hot Mom tomorrow night at the holiday party. I can be your driving designee, too. Just say the word. :-)


Friend #3 -
Let's think about comments as an effective communication strategy.

Friend #3

You mean call you on the phone? Ewwwwww....


...you sound a little TOO much like me.


Friend #3 - I'm not commenting back because we actually talked about this at work.
Sue - What? You have a Nerf football too?


I also hope it's a benign Nerf football. I still am feeling like someone injected sodapop under the skin of my face. Profound thought of the day: MS sucks.


Jammies - You know what is great? Aleve. I keep telling myself that.

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