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December 04, 2007


Friend #3

There are five people who live in Montana along with a bunch of bison. One person is a survivalist and lives off the land, two don't own computers, and the other two only have Windows 95 and a 56K modem. Out there DSL is an acronym for Damned Snow Lethargy.


I'm totally claiming most of the green color from Georgia.

What do the black states mean? Or is that like a super-dark green?


Friend #3 - Still. It's keeping me for being 50 for 50.
Erin - It's really dark green. I think I know where you live! I notice you shunned me Thanksgiving week. Snif.

Friend #3

It's. Montana. It doesn't count as a real state.


Before Google Analytics, I never knew that Missouri was so far South. My 5th grade teacher would be ashamed.

Montana is hardly a state. But, glancing at my image (and figuring out where Montana is....) I had one visitor from there. Ha :)


They kick us out of the dorm during breaks, so I had to visit from another location. University Housing is the worst landlord ever.

If there's an address that comes up as rutherford or resnet, that's totally me. :)


I agree with Friend #3... I see Iowa is a nice moderate shade. ;)


Next time I'm visiting my Dad in Montana (on his survivalist encampment) I'll log on to your site and give you a sympathy hit.

I only go to Montana like once every 3 years, so it might take a while. Living without electricity is hard!


Texas is representing!!! WOO HOO!!! That's me and Amy...but I don't know if she ever gets to visit your site anymore since she got a "real" job...I'm still sittin' pretty in my fake one;) But I do like the slightly darker green-not the black/green...so I'll try to come visit more.


Would you like me to move to Montana and visit your site from there? I'll do it, ya know.


Friend #3 - Don't trash-talk Montana!
Katie - Oh, sure lord your Montanite over me. AND you have more New Yorkers than I do.
Erin - I love the addresses! Especially the company addresses. I see Gary, and I see Paramount, and I see Radio Shack...
Sue - Iowa is reasonable. Look at you - you're practically on a schedule.
Carrie - Hit me! Pity hit! Woo!
Autumn - Okay. I know, the black/green is jarring. Keep it under black/green. Don't go crazy now.
Marriage-101 - Would you? No, that would be cheating.


Yeah, well don't go gettin' all excited about my regularity. ;)


Since I got this cellular broadband, my location shows as from all over the place. Some days I'm from California, some days Kansas. Once I was even coming through a military base in Virginia. Sometimes I'm "Domain MYVZW.COM", and sometimes it's "Unknown". If there are any cell towers in Montana, maybe someday I'll come in from there.


Sue - okay, then!
~~Silk - Well, that's just freaky! That could be you in Germany.


Aren't you glad I turned my California sisters onto you? Makes CA a lovely shade!And it looks like AZ has more than just me, as well. Well, I was the first, no doubt!


Judith - are you Tempe or Tucson? And I'm assuming your CA folks are in Fresno, otherwise, I can't explain Fresno.


Heh, my husband worked for Google Analytics (then known as Urchin) when they got absorbed by the Google collective and brought us up to the Valley of Silicon.


Tucson, the only real town in Arizona! My relatives are closer to Long Beach than Fresno. One in Orange County and maybe two in Long Beach. By the way, you may as well be in Orange County as Tempe. At least then you may see the ocean once in awhile!(Oh, alright, ASU is there, so there are some redeeming values, but most of the Phoenix area is a like a Stepford clone of O.C.)


Tracy27 - The Google Collective! Assimilate! Assimilate! Resistance is futile.
judith - Odd. I always think of AZ as being quite artsy. Except for Needles, where my great-Aunt Rosemary lives.

Vaguely Urban

Me and the 'Spoon get some of the kale-colored California credit.


Vaguely - For some reason I thought you had moved away from CA. Surely you aren't the Fresnites?

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