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December 24, 2007





My brother likes to get text messages from his Georgia while we're visiting our grandparents in Mississippi because then they're "from the future".

I'd like to think that it's perpetually 9:00om at the North Pole. Because 9:00 is early enough that you can still get work done, late enough to get drunk and/or go to bed. Also, it's when the good TV comes on.


That should be pm. My hands are covered in flour, is my excuse.


It's always now.


I've posted the question here and there, and hope to get some responses. In the meantime, I found http://tinyurl.com/27ycqd, a time zone converter that shows 10 time zones in Antarctica, but none for Arctica (which isn't a continent). I've read that tourist expeditions to the north pole use Longyearbyen, Norway, time (Central European time).


Ok, got some answers:

Didn't you use Google? Here's the first hit they gave me: http://ask.yahoo.com/20050302.html . It seems reasonably authoritative.

In a nutshell, the poles (exact geographical points) use UTC. The nearest camps, i.e., civilized locations, use whatever is convenient - New Zealand for Antarctica, Moscow for the unnamed one nearest to the North Pole.

Where did you or your friend look in Wikipedia? Their North Pole entry has a paragraph that says basically, it's whatever time you want it to be.

Officially, time zones disappear at exactly +/- 90 degrees latitude. That's where the lines of longitude meet.


That was Roman. You can probably see from the tone of his response why he sometimes ticks me off. Next is Mark, an acquaintance:

Hi Silk -

"The lines of longitude that establish our time zones are so close at the North Pole, the Arctic region uses UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) when local time is necessary at the North Pole. The North Pole experiences six months of daylight and six months of darkness."



UTC is left as an exercise for the reader.

Hot Mom

NORAD is taking care of Santa tonight, Queenie.


And, no, I don't know what time it is at the North Pole. I would assume every time zone.


Zayrina - Well, there you go. Still, if they walk south it's going to give someone serious jet lag.
Erin - 9:00 is way too late to do anything except lie in bed and watch Anderson Cooper.
Becs - My cubemate has a clock that says "NOW NOW NOW" instead of I, II, III, IV, etc.
~Silk and friends - Well, you just tell Roman that "UTC, also known as Greenwich Mean Time" is not true, and he has no authority now in my book after quoting a source with a statement like that.
Hot Mom - Oh, yeah, like Norad isn't run by Dabney Coleman.


"UTC, also known as Greenwich Mean Time" is not true, and he has no authority...." Oh! Oh! Good catch! Don't think I'm not gonna USE that! Knock down his condescending attitude a bit. (Bouncing in my chair.)


~Silk - Hah! He won't be taken down even a half-peg, I'll bet.

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