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December 01, 2007



I love brownie edges. I'll eat them with you.


I must be some sort of infidel because I cut the edges off.


This is dangerously close to the crust/no crust debate that has been raging since the first loaf of bread was baked.

Personally, I'm a two-edge girl, myself.


I don't really care as long as they are CHOCOLATE and not burned. Anything else is pure fussiness and folderol ;D


That is a pretty damn cool pan. I may have to order that for myself for Christmas. At least then I can say I've purchased one gift...

Oh and if you want a matching incision, I have a set of steak knives, we can go to town and make your medulla oblongata look all thin like too. No really, it's no bother.


Melissa - What I want to know is, what does Wilma do with all the edges? Throw them away? That's not good for the environment. That's wasting energy!
Kathy - As I found out today, Mom doesn't like edges either.
Becs - I knew you were cool.
Sherri - Yes, this is true, and that is v ery inclusive of you. Brownie Slut. ;P
Katie - I give you a waiver on this years Christmas, given the BRAIN SURGERY.


The edges of the brownies are the best part! It's like getting the ends of crusty warm bread for the butter. These are things worth punching relatives over! Clearly, this pan is the work of a true genius.




When I worked at my sister's fancy-pants bakery, where she bakes brownies in big sheetpans and trims off all the edges, I called the firm edge pieces "the bones," and I loved taking home a brownie bone to gnaw on.


You could totally make lasagna in that pan. If you are very, very patient, that is.


A friend and I will fight each other for the corners. I want this pan.


Now I have a new idea for the next person who asks what I want for Christmas. Cool.


Angie - Yes. And think of the two triple-crusty-corner-pieces with this pan.
Sue - I want some now.
Elsa - (Hi Elsa!) I not only want brownie bones, after reading your blog I'm almost tempted to pick up the tea party banner I dropped.
Carrie - I never had the patience to make regular lasagna. Are lasagna corners special in some way? I hate lasagna.
Sherry - Buy this pan! Or wait until I get mine and make some brownies.
Caroline - No, think big. Ask for a new car or something.


On a side note, you know how to get even with magazines that have those stupid cards in them? Send them all back in, empty. I always figured if they get enough they'll figure it out! Encourage your friends, too. It's good for the post office, which is a little slow these days and when it begins to cost them enough, they'll find a better way to market their rag.


Judith - oo. That's just mean! I love it.

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