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December 20, 2007



The one time I had to deal with a waiting room like that, there was definitely no sisterhood going on. This was more than ten years ago and the women there were just plain scared shitless. Times have changed and so have attitudes.

Right on, woman, right on.


Was this Big Barnes or our little local one?

What on earth could they have been doing all that time? Xraying their Christmas presents to figure out whether they had bought items of equal value?


HEE. I love this.


Reminds me of the time I spent 14 hours in an emergency room waiting on a CATscan. Good times, good times.


Becs - You know, I peeked into the men's waiting room and they looked scared shitless. No bonding there at all.
Caroline - Big Momma Barnes, baby. And they occupied themselves by lying to us. "You are next ... In the hour ... In the next twenty minutes...Before three..." lies, all lies.
Catherine - I hear the Cuban health care system is so good, my girls are defecting, so they can become the Buena Waiting Room Vista Social Club.
Candy - 14 hours is insane. Were you unconscious, at least?


Big Momma Barnes can beat wait times at any other location in town. Personal best? The time I actually got in line - waited - waited - went home and took a nap - came back - waited - waited... and got the scan done. No kidding. (I live very nearby, so this isn't quite as absurd as it sounds.)


Gina - Man, thats a long wait. I've never had that wait. What I loved was that when I was admitted in the hospital, I'd go for scans at MRIs at 2am. No waiting, ever.

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