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December 30, 2007



That IS a joker smile.

Yay, I got to be the sporty one when I informed my boyfriend about the perfect record issue when I noticed the game on the schedule. He was duly impressed, until I said something about making it to the World Series.

I totally stole that joke from the TV I DID watch today, which was a movie starring Hillary Duff and Heather Locklear. Yeah, that's all I got out of that movie. Its two star rating was a kindness.

Friend #3

*head desk*


If someone woke me from a stone dead sleep over a damned football game he would be looking for his nuts in the next town.

Hascar, football..gaaaaaaa.


I once stood in the check in line at TWA (so a few years ago...) behind Kevin Carter. He was a Rams player, for those who aren't familiar. That many's neck was the size of my head. I wouldn't want to run into him in a dark alley.

Friend #3

BTW, I have a pretty similar memory, except when we returned to the barrista station and you said, "I just want to find out what this man's name is," and he flitted a wary glance at each of us before saying "Chris".

I then proceeded to babble at him (knowing damned well that was Marshall Faulk standing there with a venti cappuccino in his hand), "Aww, shoot. I always wanted to meet Marshall Faulk, because you see, I'm Marcia "Cock" (Thanks for that, BTW.) and I wanted to say how confusing it was to listen to the football game on the radio and hear what I thought was an announcement of *me* as the ball carrier. You know, Marshall Faulk? Marcia (Seriously, Ellen) 'Cock'?"

To which, "Chris" smiled that Superbowl MVP Joker grin of his and said, "Pretty close."

Heh. He knew he was totally busted.

Later, the barrista said that he uses the alias "Bill" at the Clayton Starbuck's.

Totally, busted.


TasterSpoon - the TV writer's strike is hurting everyone. Solidarity!
Friend #3 - *Innocent blink*
Zayrina - I think he really viewed it as history. Like Bhutto's assassination.
Caroline - I got an ultrasound once right after Amp Lee (?) - Some football guy. He looked quite nice except for yes, the giant neck.
Friend #3 - Well, I know your name was originally Schlongstein, but they Americanized it at Ellis Island.

Friend #3

Okay, that made me laugh. :-P

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