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December 09, 2007



Well, keep us posted. Um, dog on your head?


The ice storm does have my trees a little bendy, and I did stay home all day, but the two are not related. I could not possibly have caught up on laundry, gathered two bags of clothes to go to Goodwill, hung curtains, wrapped Christmas presents, re-assembled my dining room, and read half a book had I gone out today. Nor could I have accomplished much of that had the ice storm been bad enough to cut off electricity.

The Desperate Housewives tornado was hilarious. I'm sure that wasn't what they were going for. Good cliffhanger, though.


Melissa, Mac loves to sit on heads. He's been on mine several times. Thank God he's tiny.


The TV weather guys here (Hudson Valley, NY) get weird over tornados. They get all excited even thinking about them. They hop around and pant. Any strong wind becomes a tornado until the feds say otherwise. One night the weatherman's excitement reached a climax (almost literally, I swear) when he said a TORNADO!!!! had been captured ON TAPE!!! in Schenctady. There followed a video of a small dust devil in a parking lot. It actually threw a sheet of paper six feet.


Apparently the iceman cometh here later in the am too. Me glad me work 2nd shift and not have to skate to work.


PS: Stop sending your crappy weather this way.


It is 11:16 pm and we just returned from a bash at Jazz at the Bistro...there were frozen droplets on the car and that's it...the streets are clear at this point and there is now precipitation, even the fog has cleared. When we left the house we were under the impression this was supposed to last until 9:00. I guess we'll just have to see what the morning brings.


opps...that's NO precipitation...sorry.


I admit I avoided going out in the mess this weekend, mostly to avoid all the other crazies that think its just another normal day and why the hell should they slow down just because its kind of slippery? We may have gotten more here in KC than you guys, we did have a sure enough 1-2 inches of ice layered on the driveway. I let the dog play outside yesterday and he had icicles formed on his eyebrows, his face, and hanging from his ears.

Friend #3 (as dictated to by Ricky)

My "mother" (I'm humoring her) watched me slide off the front step today, even when she KNEW the step was icy. The lady downstairs with that big blonde retriever TOLD "Mom" about the ice. I'm old, blind, with a heart murmur, and arthritis, and the bitch sends me out anyway. You're right, Aunt Ellen: she's a heartless cow.


Melissa - Caroline is right. Dog particularly likes to sit on heads when it's inclement.
Caroline - Enh. I've read the spoilers. Enh.
~Silk - That still makes me laugh, and I've read it six times.
Zayrina - Hey, like Jesus, I don't control the weather!
stljoie - Yep, morning brought nothing. "Freezing drizzle?" What is that?
jenny - Our ice just stayed in the trees. Nothing on the roads, thankfully. The only four-wheel drive people I know drive at 25 mph in the snow.
Friend #3 (as dictated to by Ricky) - Pee on Mommy in her sleep tonight.

Amy in StL

OMG the comment by Friend #3 as dictated to by Ricky was really funny. I don't have an old dog anymore, but when I did I think he thought going outside for bathroom breaks was my cruel joke. Every time he gave me a dirty look I told him, "Hey, then learn to use the commode!"


Amy - Ricky is quite an articulate dog. He emailed his Mom when she was on an extended trip and he stayed with Auntie Ellen.

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