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November 08, 2007



John and I are together because there is no one out there who could put up with either of us but us. Nice to know we are not alone in that.


Yeah, what Zayrina said. In fact, I have to wonder for how many couples this is true.

Sometimes we bore ourselves over coffee reading the local singles want ads in the town paper. They are sad, but I recently figured out why: all the people advertising in this area are my age and older, high to late middle age. This means that somehow they did not find or have already lost the one person who could ever put up with each of them, and it shows in how they write their ads. You can feel their longing just to have one person who will not make them pay extra to be themselves.

Fortunately, the local paper also prints the entire police and fire logs. Yay! Those always cheer us up.


Oh my sweet holy Jeebus, what goes wrong in your husband's head?! This leads to my bloggity question for you: What are Gary's most redeeming qualities, and what's the nicest thing he's ever done for you?

I don't have the live BNL DVD yet, though I want it. I think it would be really hard to catch the happy energy and randomness that is a BNL show. Not to mention, can you even see them getting pelted with Kraft Dinner? Because if not, you're missing half the fun.


Now HOLD ON a second. Just 'cause I said you looked great in your picture does NOT let you off the hook for a more current picture (you opened the door on that one!).

I find your conversations with Gary unsettlingly familiar as I speak to my own Hubs. Gah.


Zayrina - Who couldnt put up with me?
Sara - Scary words. (About the middle-aged people who are alone. Not about the fires. that was cool.)
Angie - No. "Those in the Know Don't Throw." Have you not seen the big tubs for recycling the Mac and Cheese? Of course, I imagine a soft rain of macaroni would be better than a hard cardboard box. Oh, and I'll have to answer your other question.
Sue - Oh, okay. I'll take an honest photo, since Sara did.


I recently told my BF, "You know, one of these days you should think about proposing to me..." and he replied, teasing me, "I've been thinking about it, weighing the pros and cons..."

I got all indignant! "CONS!! What do you mean..." as I started to make a mental list of the cons of choosing a life with MY GROSS SELF. Instead I said, "PROS, let's stick to the PROS!"

We had a good laugh over that. Ah, love.


styro - Gary just came up with a complaint today: "You never repeat things, that's why I say you never said stuff. If you only say it once how am I supposed to hear it? Think about my family, they repeat everything over and over." So, CON: I'm not repetitive.

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