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November 05, 2007



Who makes more money? You or Gary?

Friend #3

You're not going to find Yiddish in any spellchecker, hon.


Definitely more on Tinkerbell - and a riff on neurologists would be good for my soul...


Go ahead and blog on all the stuff you said you were going to. I'll read them.


I want to know how you and Gary met; there is that age difference that doesn't seem so huge now, but I think I did math at some point that put you at some tender age (like 19) to his rather aged age of 27 or something when you me.

Am I wrong? Close?


Who drives whom the craziest?


Where are the pictures of you? I've seen the one of Gary... maybe they're here and I just haven't looked hard enough. Or maybe you make us go somewhere to find them. I'm not good at going somewhere. I want them here. :)


And if you call, I will answer.
If you fall, I'll pick you up.
If you court this disaster,
I'll point you home
I'll point you home.

No questions, just the song that popped into my head apropos your post.


Rat-A-Tat - you're first up. (By the way, props to you for deducing what the most taboo subject is!)
Friend #3 - Schmuck. See? It knows that word.
Gina - Wait for "Gina asks: 'How is Tinkerbell? And Let's Talk About Neurologists'"
Melissa - You'd read about the lemon again? You have sack!
Christy - Wait for "Christy asks: 'How Did You Meet?'" (We meet cute.)
Zayrina - Hey! I had already written up how we meet. I had to do research on yours. Wait for "Zayrina asks: 'Who Drives Whom the Craziest?'"
Sue - Well, click on the left where it says About for a ridiculously good photo of me twenty pounds ago. When I get the really honest photos, wait for "Sue asks: 'Where are the pictures of you?'"
Jammies - (singing) "I'll be the first to crucify you."

Friend #3

Schmuck is German for jewelry, and coincidentally, Yiddish for...ahem..."jewels".


I was just wanting to make all of the questions that follow seem easier :)

It was either that or what do you prefer on a man boxers, briefs, or commando? But I felt that might be a little too personal.


OH! There you are! :) Funny... you don't look like you "sound".


...now it's time to prove that we've come back here to rebuild.

I loves BNL.

Can I trouble the Queen for some writing prompts?


What's your earliest memory?

Hot Mom

When are you going to housebreak your dog?

Friend #3

How many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop?


Why is it as soon as you pay off a car it breaks down 20 different ways and you either have to buy another car or pay an equal amount for repairs?


Have you washed your pajamas yet? Filthy swine.


Friend 3 - Jewels? Because they dangle?
Rat-a-Tat - Well, Gary wears briefs, so boxers are exotic and kinky.
sue - Oh thank god - Now I don't have to post all the bad photos of me. Whew! Delete!
Angie - So, what was your first BNL concert? Or, use Caroline's "What's your earliest memory?" I'm not doing that one because I already did it as an exercise and I know the answe and its a total bummer.
Caroline - Okay, Angie's doing earliest memory.
Hot Mom, Friend #3 - Quit screwing around at work.
Autumn - This is a philosophical question, and I can't answer it.
Troll - Damn. I just did yesterday.


Why did you decide not to have kids?


Why do you feel qualified to freely diagnose people as having epilepsy?


Caroline - I just TOLD you! Don't You READ?
HYC - I never PUBLICLY told anyone they had epilepsy. http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/temporal-lobe-seizure/DS00266/DSECTION=2

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