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November 01, 2007



I got the new Paste, but haven't listened to the CD yet. I've become really stubborn lately when it comes to new music, usually just ripping the Ryan Adams or Neko Case song and tossing the rest. I'll check it out.


I loved Sting with a devotion beyond words -- before I turned 25. Then our relationship changed and grew more distant. But lyrically I think of a LOT worse than Sting. Oh, so much, much worse.

Today? Today the love of my life is Imogen Heap. Met her on Napster last night. It's gonna be a forever thing.


I have no real comment about Sting and his lyric writing ability. I enjoyed The Police concerts in the 80's, but have pretty much gone "eh" since then. I did want to comment on your eternal repeats, though...look at you jumping on the GBS bandwagon!


Kathy - I haven't ever heard Ryan Adams, but I've heard so much talk about him I'm wondering what's so special. Does he sing really well?
Sherri - I'm glad you and Sting broke up. You could do so much better. Let me set you up with BNL.
Melissa - I think I like Consequence Free so much because it isn't a lively Irish bar song. It's a good lyric.


Love the Pelle Carlberg song - thanks for the link!

I'm not going to talk about Sting, because he meant a lot to me once, and even if he's gone off the deep end in recent years, I still respect our former love. And yeah, I lost my shit when I saw the Police on their current tour. Actually, Stewart Copeland did some decent solo work a while back. Ever hear of Klark Kent?


Well, I hadn't heard of him, but Wikipedia has. AND Wikipedia says Stewart/Klark uses the same drum kit / cymbals Gary does.


Re: Ryan Adams - He's a good singer-songwriter, former leader of Whiskeytown. (If you like Uncle Tupelo/alt. country, you'd like Whiskeytown.) He fairly derivative, but at least he's good good taste. He kind of sounds like everybody from the Replacements to Springsteen to Gram Parsons (mostly). He's gotten a reputation as a brat for throwing onstage temper tantrums, which is a turn-off. Some people like it, though.

Hey, if you like Pelle Carlberg, you might like Jens Lekman, too. Darrin Snow on KDHX's Rocket 88 program (Mondays 6-8am_ plays him a lot.


Oh, your highness, BNL and I go way back. It was just never as tight as it is with you. It's that long distance Canada/Florida thing.


You feel about the Police as I feel about U2.


Kathy - I think I read about one of his brat tantrums - I think it was on Carries blog, I See Monsters - here is it: http://iseemonsters.typepad.com/i_see_monsters/2007/08/you-can-take-aw.html
Sherri - It's hard to keep up a relationship when you only see your love on New Years Eve - and now it seems they are ditching the Florida NYE for Arizona this year.
Marriage-101 - I don't know enough about U2 to have an opinion. You make me feel free to dislike them at will now, though.

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