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November 13, 2007



So are you coming to our blogger meetup?


Heh, the last time I went to a concert, my husband got in a fistfight with the obnoxious drunk behind us, blew out his ACL, and we were escorted out of the Meadowlands and asked never to return. All that over a Fleetwood Mac concert.


I read the first line of this post, and I thought, "Dammit! I miss the Pageant!" And then I had to say to myself, "Marcia, A) I think you went to one concert there in the 3 years you lived in STL. You went to the Halo Bar far more often. And the Delmar Lounge more than that. B) Seriously. You live in the biggest and best city in the world. Why do you miss STL?" And then I said, "OK, you can miss STL, you just can't tell anyone."

So that's that. Don't tell anyone.


That is exactly the reason why I don't care for concerts. There are a couple of groups I wouldn't mind seeing, but it's mostly a waste of time for me.


That snapping move is fierce. He sure has some sack.


Marriage-101 - I want to come, but my November is in flux right now. I still have top go to Atlanta. But I do want to come and hang with you all.
Candy - Were you proud? I was proud of Gary. And I've bet you have been back to the Meadowlands since.
Marcia - Okay, since it's NYC vs STL, I can see why you might say that. I won't tell.
ajooja - you know what's great? Cruises. Cruises with bands. The only annoying talking came from another band. Oh, and on the latest BNL DVD they bragged on how the BNL fans sat and listened to the opening acts.
TasterSpoon - I know! He's got a sack full of stones, baby

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