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November 06, 2007



AHAHAHA. I love this post. It amuses me greatly.


I'm like Gary (I make 30% or more--too lazy to do the math--than my husband) and I have no idea how much is in my account at any given moment. I don't have a Honda Seizure, though. (I saw one the other day and I swear the license plate read: Fit. Did I comment about that already?)


I relate in so many ways.

I have a friend whose ex-husband is a dentist. When they were married she had every possible luxury; when he left her, she did nothing but complain about how broke she was. She paid cash for a new Honda Accord three months later, and took her daughter to Galapagos for a graduation gift.

My husband and I keep separate checking accounts. He makes most of the money, I pay ALL the bills. It sucks. He never knows how much money we have or how many bills there are to be paid. I think I prefer it that way.




I have a stunning amount of assets to my name. (Well, stunning to me, anyway.) It's mostly because of my house. Just because I have $ X in the asset column doesn't mean I can afford to take the cats to the vet just for regular check-ups or take myself out for a nice dinner. (No, the diner doesn't count.)

You smug marrieds are living in a different world than we singletons.
Sincerely, Bridget Jones


Catherine - Learn little grasshopper.
Christy - No! Hot Mom recommended GRNDML and PETIML today.
Candy - Hmm, too much temptation. I would give Gary only a pittance and keep the rest for myself.
sue - ;->
Becs - You are rich in cats! I covetr Dylan in particular.


Q - as well you should. Right now, He's asleep in my lap - purring. Last night as I was cooking dinner, the smell of it was so tanatalizing (buffalo - who knew it would make the cats go into frenzy?) that Dylan lept from the table onto my back. All claws extended. And I could hear the little pop! pop! of my skin being shredded as he fell down. That's my boy.


Becs - Ow, and, buffalo? You all eat crazy up there by the coast.

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