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November 29, 2007



I want to imagine that somewhere Steve has written about this on his blog too. He probably hasn't, but in my mind he totally has.

Friend #3

Um... "Squee!", Spartacus?


I tried to google a picture of him, but couldn't find anything. I still say he looks like Bill Gates in a $200 suit.


Way to be 13 again :)


Erin - Squee! I thought that same thing!
Friend #3 - Ooooz a widda jewess baby? Okay - "jewess" is supposed to be baby talk for "jealous," but it came out unfortunately.
Caroline - Hey, power is sexy.
Autumn - I know. Soon I will be ten and think boys have cooties.


Wow! I'm assuming he typed in English, too!


Sue - well, as close to English as ADL SCORM XML can be.

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