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November 24, 2007


Friend #3



Hee! I don't blog. I just reply. Good luck, peeps!

Friend #3

I done it. :-)


Thank God you didn't tag me. I couldn't come up with 7 interesting things about myself. I could barely do two on the S&D board.


Friend #3 - I saw! Bloglines told me.
Caroline - you slacker you. Still I wish more blog-free people commented.
Melissa -
1.You have four cats
2.You haven't seen King Kong or Annie Hall
3. You hate the Red Hat Society
4. You enjoy found porn
5. Your tears burn your eyes
6. You evidently passed on your chance to get stark naked with me, Gary, Ed, Ed, Steven, Kevin, Tyler and Jim. And some other people.
7. Your house has "Kurt Cobain" engraved in the sidewalk out front


Glad I've done this before. ;)


Wow. I had no idea anyone paid that much attention to my random comments. And, #1 is wrong. We now have 6 cats as of 2 weeks ago.


I don't have 7 friends.


Sue - You are off the hook. Its only the second time Ive been tagged. I'm done now.
Melissa - No, I just scanned the first few pages of your very interesting blog. I knew the cat number had changed, I just thought it had dropped.
Robin - What I find strange is you (or perhaps ~~Silk, or else Friend #3) read the instructions from Kathy's site that I didn't give and then followed THOSE instructions. I didn't tell anyone to tag seven other people, or to leave a comment.

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