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November 17, 2007



Lindt is awesome. For the longest time, the only place I saw their chocolate was hospital gift shops.


American chocolate is crap. The best chocolate I ever ate was in Belgium.


Sugared Harpy

You were there!!! Awesome!

I hated that as much as I wanted to vote for a local chocolate place (I'm talking about you, Crown Candy), I just couldn't do it. Godiva was far and away better.

I voted the opposite of you! Lindt for dark, and Godiva for milk chocolate.

I felt awful for NOT being able to finish the samples they gave out. A failure!


And why am I hearing about this when it is too late to partake? Hmmmm?


Whoa dang! I totally need to find one of these chocolate-tasting contest things to attend! In fact, they need to become a weekly tradition in my life. I'm totally jealous.



Friend #3

There is an entire Lindt store in Chesterfield Mall near the Cheesecake Factory.

Lindt ROCKS! I first tasted it in Germany and that's when I realized Hershey's, while not the worst chocolate, just doesn't cut it.

Except when it's nearing time for Sasquatch and, well, any port in a storm.


Kathy - Lindt is chocolate flavored butter.
Zayrina - Theres the internet now. Chocolate knows no borders.
SH - I wondered who had left that tray of unfinished chocolate at my table. Each piece had one bite taken out.
Caroline - Because you didn't read Sugared Harpy's blog, even though she is right there on my blogroll.
Rachelskirts - It was for a charity, $5 a person. I think they said 500 people attended. I think you should institute the Rachelskirts Foundation and raise money with chocolate taste-offs.
Friend #3 - Why don't I know about your trip to Germany?



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