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November 20, 2007


friend #8

Haha! Love it!! Still laughing!


I do love that site. You should've posted a picture. What with all the pancreas pictures floating around, it shouldn't have been too hard, right?



im all onz ur blog, hopin that ur scan goes well.

(but really, good luck, and I laughed aloud at the comment about calling the teachers dead son ugly. Perhaps it could've been worse...)

Friend #3

Pancreas, have you been administered a versed drip?


U speekez de kitteh gud.

I noes where mah pancrees iz, ezzakery, bkuz onz it tries to jump outta ma bodeez.


Not sure how to respond. Bad pancreas...?


Ah lyke kittehspeek. Ah allzo hoapz ur test resultz iz gud.


Friend #8 - LOLKittez. Alway a good time.
Marriage 101 - Yeah, I thought about that, but it's hard to make a pancreas look cute.
Katie - Hai! Hopes Urs brain surgery goes gud too.
Friend #3 - No, however, I might need an in-stomach ultrasound which requires "conscious sedation" first
Sherri - Waaaaaz? Pancreez shud stau put.
Caroline - You say "Oh Noes! They's in mah pancrees stealinz mah lesions."
Jammies - I R Thanking uz.

Friend #3

Ooooooooh! Giant sheep doctor time!


Except for the subject matter... this was hilarious!


Sue - good answer! You were sensitive to my pain.

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