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November 25, 2007


Friend #3

Pig-Latin is easier.

Unless Tinkerbell understands Pig-Latin and "aped-ray" would exacerbate the PTSD.


Friend #3 - it really concerns me how the in-laws are so hasty to accuse the Doberman of an unspeakable crime, but I bet if they were breeding wiener dogs they'd imagine a great love affair. Two dogs. They got it on. Easy. That's how it should be. Not all this human society crap where a girl dog must be a victim in order to be pregnant.

And I liked the way she spelled and said the "ed."


Not that there is anything funny about the subject matter, but I'm laughing... I'm a terrible person. ;)


Sue - well, at least you aren't turning your slut puppies into sexual abuse survivors.

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