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November 26, 2007



I had fibroids the size of oranges. (All gone now! Buh-bye, uterus! I'm glad to see you go!) And maybe one grapefruit. I noticed that doctors talk to women about such unwelcome intruders in terms of fruit. With men, they talk about it in terms of sporting equipment. "Yes, that nodule on your left testicle is the size of a golfball", or ping pong ball or basketball or some such.

Why can't they just say "4 cm round" or some such? They really think we're that stupid.

Many sympathies on the labia cyst. Ow ow ow.


Had one of those horrid "little" Bartholin's glad cysts myself—you're right. Pretty much all other cysts pale by comparison.


Becs, while not all people are stupid, you are in the minority, in the US at least, if you know what 4 cm is. I do know what 4 cm looks like, but I like to give and get measurements in terms that are more recognizable and common.


I'm stuck on 'Barenaked Cruise Message Board'... there IS such a thing? Interesting...

I've had small cysts in that...um...area... and I can just imagine how painful YOURS was! Eek!


I'm all worried about your pancreas, and then you make me laugh with "Cysterhood."

My saddle sore stories have nothing on your lemon. But I guarantee they are unappetizing. I like the delicacy of the term "express."

e-Hugs to your bashful pancreas.


Okay, stories like these reassure me that my decision to go into nursing is a good one...I live for stuff like this. I kinda' hope I get one, infact.


Becs - I've known people with fibroids. I hear they are very painful and complicate pregnancies. You just can't imagina grapefruit doing that.
Wyo - (hi!) Way to delurk with matching Tales From the Cyst!
Zayrina - I had to pull out my tape measure and say "eww. That's bigger than I thought."
Sue - Oh sure, it's the message board for the Barenaked Ladies Cruise that Sixthman organizes. Here, lurk: http://www.shipsanddip.com/community/index.php
TasterSpoon - Stupid-ass pancreas. I don't even go talk to anyone about it until mid-December. I think they might start me on the trial anyway.
Sarah - Then, I wish upon you your own Labial Cyst. You can name it after me.


Ellen, you totally jinxed me. I read your blog entry about cysts and next thing I know I have a freaking cyst on my chest, right under where the front of my bra-band hits. It's huge and sore and I need to have it expressed (but I'm waiting for a doctor to do it).

Friend #3

This isn't exactly reassuring, so much as it is nauseating.

I will never be able to look at a lemon in the same way again. Thank you, Ellen.


Melissa - Like Madonna says, "Express yourself, So you can respect yourself"
Friend #3 - That's Ellemon to you.


Oh my. Just that, I am rendered speechless.


Candy - Oh, you googled the pictures, didn't you?


I just googled that and almost vomited... that is the most horrifying place for a cyst ever!!! Ack.


ScottieDawg - Yesssssss. It is awful. Pray you are not so afflicted.

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