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November 18, 2007



Video, we must have video! Sad as it is, of course ;)


You lead a most exciting life. Glad it was just a toenail... not, for instance, an intestine...

Friend #3

Ohhh... Poor Mac! Maybe a little plastic cone for his paw. :-)


Aw, sympathies to poor Max and his shanghai'd toenail.

My dog had to wear a cone for ages, and she used to try to ram it off by running into something with the side of it - usually our legs, to add that little extra pointedness to her efforts.

Sugared Harpy

Oh my god. I would do exactly what Gary did.


I second Jamon's words.


Much sympathy from me and from the 'Foots, and may Mac never learn from Bigfoot how exactly to defeat the Collar of Shame.


Oh man, the cones are funny and completely heartbreaking at the same time. I always feel so bad when I'm laughing at them.

btw - the boots are David Tate. They lace up the back for a more custom fit so they might work for you!


Poor Mac. Dog nails sure can bleed, can't they?


Jamon - I would, but he's on the pain drugs now and does nothing but lie around, snore, and break noisy smelly wind. Usually this dog is not flatulent. But the Tramadol has turned him into a frat boy. At least the noise gives me some warning.
Sue - Ew. Or a pancreas.
Friend #3 - Well, we've been hunting for the cage we made for Douggies foot.
Tracy 27 - This is the second toenail he's lost too, just this one came with a flood of blood. Gary blames the backyard opposum. In fact, he gave the vet a long supposition of how Mac had clawed the possum and lost the toenail in its matted fur. She just nodded and moved on.
Sugared Harpy - Hence the "Harpy?"
Autumn - I could have him pass gas on video for you. Or perhaps I'll put the cone on him when he's recovered.
Jammies - hmm. A Google search on "cervical collar curmudgeonette" shows nothing on how bigfoot defeated his cone.
Jhianna - I spent my evening e-browsing boots. I might need those boots, or the cheap Avenue "Pecan" knock-offs.
Caroline - Well, dog nail beds devoid of nails can. The vet said his nail was totally gone.


Most of the saga of Bigfoot and the Collar of Shame is recorded in the archives for July of this year. http://curmudgeonette.blogspot.com/2007_07_01_archive.html

Don't let your dog read the next bit!

Bigfoot defeated the CoS by writhing around until his tail was barely in reach, and then dragging the bandage off said tail with his teeth.

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