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November 22, 2007



I did know, but only because I am a known consort of various Canadians. But I still don't really get what their Thanksgiving is aboot.

Friend #3

Yes, dear.


Yes, but.... shhhh.... *my brother is married to a Canadian.*

Makes sense. It's colder up there, so they'd harvest earlier.


I knew.


I knew, but forced myself to forget. I had two really ugly experiences with Canadians at work this year. I know, you expect Canadians to be nice, don't you? But I'm telling you, these harpies were from someplace dark and ugly and evil, which I think is close to Toronto.


Yes, dear, I knew.


I'd heard a rumor to that effect...


Yeah, I learned that Monday night. But sqazzetti is right, what is Canadian Thanksgiving aboot?

Friend #8

So there were Canadian Pilgrims and Canadian Indians who ate turkey dinner together? And then the Canadian Pilgrims burgled the Canadian Indians' land? Wow, what a coincidence! Was there Canadian scalping involved, too?


All - (oh, but, THANK YOU AUTUMN for making me feel less stupid. The rest of you, pllllltttt.) Okay, after some investigation
it appears that the Canadians appear to focus their holiday on being Currently Thankful,not on the Anniversary of Being Previously Thankful. For years they had official Things to Be Thankful About, until one year they just went with "Oh we are just Generally Thankful." Check this out:

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