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November 07, 2007


Vaguely Urban

It would take an awful lot of sacking up to ask out that Kate Winslet-looking babe in the photo.

Well played, young Ellen.


VU - Well, thanks. Kate Winslet? Yeah, If they shrunk Kate's head. Well, to be fair, I kept that photo all these years because it's so uncharacteristically flattering.


Gary looks, I don't know, smugly satisfied in that picture, as if his race horse just won the KY Derby.

You look like you should be wearing hoopskirts and fanning your face coquettishly. (That's a compliment. Sometimes it is hard to recognize my compliments.)


See? Now that's not a bad picture... of you. I'm not sure what Gary is thinking and I'm not sure I want to know what Gary is thinking. :)


I'm a little behind on your blogs, but I love this new "sack" term as well. I think I might need to steal it!


Christy - He tends to always look smugly satisfied unless I'm taking the photo. Then he looks annoyed or puts underwear on his head.
Sue - Let's see - that was to see The King and I. Yeah, I think he'd bagged me before that one.
Autumn - Heh. It's sweeping the nation.


You should know that I am *still* laughing days after you published this post because you said "body wave," a term I have not heard in, oh, I don't know, AGES. AHAHAHA.

Also? I hope both of you pose just like that for your Christmas 2007 photo. That is, if you do such things. Body wave (AHAHAHA) and Working Girl-inspired double-breasted jacket not required.


How old is that picture?

Gary reminds me of Kevin Spacey...with a body wave.


Catherine - I was worried no one would have heard the term ever. Look, it isn't even in Wikipedia:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Body_wave
Marriage-101 - Dates back to 1982, I think. And he does look like KS, now that you mention it.

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