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November 19, 2007




jessica fantastica

I was most suprised by the tattoos. I saw one guy in Dallas that must have had something "offensive" because you could see where one of the tattoos was removed. Was the pregnant woman at your exhibit? It was pretty disturbing for me and I've never been pregnant. The friend I went with has a child and barely made it through that part. I didn't get to see a sheep but I did see a horse. Oh my.


Three words:

Ewww. Ewww. Ewww.


And again, I can envision every flayed ad I've seen just by reading this. At least I'm not eating this time. Now that you've seen it, can it please go away? Or at least can the advertising go away?


Sorry, but I stopped reading this in the first paragraph. That exhibit just freaks me out.

My wife wants to go see it, but she'll have to go without me. My OCD can't handle it.


I wanted to go see this when we were in NYC last April, but my husband refused. Maybe I can talk him into going to see it in STL.


I can't handle that Body Worlds mess. Blood, no problem. Insides-PROBLEM!!! Gross.


You know, you're pretty amusing.


Zayrina - It IS kewl.
Jessica! fantastica! (hi!) - We only missed one room - the one with the reproduction (and maybe the horse). Gary was all upset because in the video Mr. von Whozits was wearing a felt hat while the bodies were being plasticized. He felt that was unsanitary.
Becs - Lookit! Lookit! Lookit!
Caroline - I specifically buried the images in links just for you!
Ajooja - Think happy thoughts. It's a limited run.
Sherry - Do it! Or go with Mrs Ajooja.
Autumn - It's beyooooo-ti-ful!
Judith - If by amusing you mean gross, I agree with you.


I have taken copious amounts of photos at each of the two Body Worlds exhibits when they were in L.A. (Thank you, media press pass!) I find the exhibit and the practice absolutely fascinating. I'll have to send you some or post them in my Flickr account sometime soon. (And yes - they include photos of the pregnant woman, the rider and horse, and the figure skaters.)

Amy in StL

My mom made a point of telling me this is something she would NOT be asking me to go see with her. I'm with Gary on the eyebrows. I find it disturbing that they've been reapplied. Although, I've not seen them without brows; maybe it's more disturbing that way.


Aww, I feel the luuuuuv.


Catherine - Did you take a photo of The Lovers? I found the spot at the corner of the case where you could stand and see the plastic pudenda.
Amy in StL - Wouldn't it be funny if one of the plasticizers put the eyebrows on comically? Frowny eyebrows or puzzled eyebrows. Of course, they must be sewn on. But it would be cool if they were like Colorforms and just stuck on.
Caroline - I used "flayed" again in Wednesdays post. I thought of you.

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