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November 23, 2007



We were walking around the duck pond this afternoon, wondering aloud who are these people who go shopping on Black Friday because we don't think we know any and is it just one of those Media Narratives we've been theorizing about over dessert wine every night. Apparently it's true, and it's you. Did you call in to the local news to say whether you took advantage of the sales, and how much you saved? Our local newscasters seemed disappointed that nobody was phoning in.


I went to JC Penney in the city, which is as far as I'll go on Black Friday, and it was shockingly un-crowded.

The last time I actually "malled it" the day after Thankgiving -- three years ago -- I think I spent over an hour in the parking lot, so yes, everything you hear about Black Friday is true.

Friend #3

That's not half as fun as having people stalk you for a parking space as you're carrying your purchases, only to find you're just stowing them in your trunk and going back for more. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


Yer Maj, I thought I loved you until I read Friend #3's comment. She's eviller, so I love her more.


I did Black Friday at a Walmart one year. Never again. I spent the day cleaning house and had Greek food for dinner.

You did make me laugh so hard diet coke shot out my nose with that last bit.


TasterSpoon - I don't think we saved anything, because we didn't buy much. We did get a free bag of chocolates and a free stuffed reindeer at the Lindt store, but that might have been because I told the Swiss manager that Gary and I pout him over the top on the Chocolate Challenge vote.
Kathy - I went to the Galleria one year, which is close to the city, and it was unpopulated there as well.
Friend #3 - Someone did that to us, but they at least pantomimed "No, I'm going back in." But I bet you just turned on your heel and went back in to the store. I bet you flipped them off, even.
Jammies - I love her too.
Zayrina - Well, no, not Walmart. THAT's no fun. You have to go to the mall, that's where the fun is.

Friend #3

Awwwww... *blush*


I had a successful Black Friday, but didn't really shop until 4pm either. My hubby decided to brave the doorbuster crowd in hopes of getting a laptop dirt cheap, but he slept in until 2am. Best Buy had people who had been there since 7am Thursday. I haven't decided how much money I'd have to save to skip Thanksgiving. So far the answer is I wouldn't.

Anyway, I hit tons of stores and two malls between 4 and 8 and got half my shopping done. As of today I'm down to 4 people.

And I pulled a "Friend 3" except that mine was to retrieve forgotten coupons, so my hands were empty and no one would expect a package dropoff, and I had the closest spot to the door. Hee!


Caroline - FOUR AM? And did you buy people what they might want, or what was on sale? Gary and I are down to Karen, Mr. W., and my Mom.


I didn't go out at 4 am. My husband did. To buy a laptop for himself. And he didn't get one because hundreds of people were willing to sleep on sidewalks instead of getting up at 2 am. He did end up buying an MP3 player my sister wanted, but spent the savings on DVDs.

I went out at 4 pm and only bought from my list.

I think they should start a line number system like the one they used in pre-internet days for concerts. Everyone there at a certain time got a line number, they drew a number at random, and that number was the start of the line. Didn't matter if you were first or last to arrive by the designated time; you had the same chance of getting to buy first.


I've done exactly what Friend #3 said. I do try and let the people know that's what I'm doing, tho'... so they don't just sit and wait and then be disappointed.

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