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November 21, 2007



Clearly, you need to get out and find some turkey eggs, stat! That way, everyone's happy.

Cheddar French Fried Onions on green-bean casserole sounds like vegetable side-dish equivalent of angels singing. Please report back.


Happy Turkey Day, my dear!


Happy T-day to you, Queen Mum, Gary, and the pups.


I have no (close) family anymore, and sometimes that is upsetting at the holiday season. But then I read about other's encounters with family during this time and I realize I am lucky in some ways. Thanks for cheering me up and helping me to be very thankful.

I'm not thankful for offsite projects. Miss you! Happy Thanksgiving!


Why didn't it remember my freaking name? Gah.

Friend #3

I can safely say 2003 remains my all-time Bizzaro Turkey Day. It definitely put the "fun" in dysfunctional.


Here's hoping it was as 'fun' as you wanted.


Ummm my cousin Beverly makes the BEST cheesy green bean casserole. Who knew all it took was those cheddar french fried onions and a can of cheese soup instead of cream of mushroom? I love that stuff!


Tracy27 and Autumn - According to reports, Wilma was seen stomping around the kitchen during the meal. When asked what was wrong she muttered something about how certain people can throw four things in a casserole and everybody thinks its the best thing on the table. (And cheese soup sounds like a winner too.)
Jammies - Thank You!
Becs - We all wish you the same.
Zayrina - Hurrah! You are ALONE! Embrace that!
Caroline - Yeah. By the way, I've only worked 4 hours this week. Gotta enter my time.
Friend #3 - Embrace that chaos!
Sue - It was fun. Not as fun as Friend #3s :


I hope it was lovely. Mine transformed overnight from a big car trip to Los Angeles into staying home with my b/f and brother and trying to figure out whether I could get a turkey that would defrost in time.


TasterSpoon - Two small turkeys, defrosted in the tub?

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