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November 30, 2007



I say you have your tubes tied around an IUD and tell everyone you decorated your uterus for Christmas. Oh, and use the Pill as the festive star on top. Or something.


You are so much more sensitive with regard to the topic of having children than I am. I tend to be harsh and mocking.

I hear alligator dung was a reliable form of birth control for the Egyptians.


Can't you just lie? I mean, people do it every day.

Personally, I'm a big fan of the Big H. If you're not using those lady parts, get them taken out. If they're giving you trouble every month, show them the door. Buh-bye, Ms. Uterus and Ms. Cervix! But that's an awful lot of trouble for a clinical trial....

Friend #3

A chastity belt would be considered primary, yes?


Dear God,

Thanks for, you know, making me a boy and all.




Stop by a community theater group for a costume, latex wrinkles, and pancake age spots before your next visit. "Why Sister Ellen! You don't look a day under 60."


When I was studying in Innsbruck, we went to a museum that had a "History of Sex" (or something like that, it was all in German) exhibit. They said that in the medieval times they practiced "forceful jumping" after sex as a form of contraception.

...sounds like more fun than condoms to me.


Catherine - OR use a Star AS an IUD.
Zayrina - Oh, whyyyyy? Whose idea was elephant dung? Oh wait - they applied it before going on a date, I guess.
Becs - Yeah, that crossed my mind, but, yeah. A number of people have gotten pregnant. I can't just stick with the pills.
Friend #3 - A thought, or how about 70 pounds of fat? That seems to have been moderately effective
David - God says he knew you couldn't take it. ;-]
Caroline - Ha. If I'd known I bet I could have passed for post-menopausal already.
Erin - Way better than alligator dung.


Gary's a wussy. My hubs got his snip job done when it became apparent that it was dangerous for me to get pregnant, and surgery for me is only a little less dangerous (and *sigh* the Pill doesn't like me. At All. in Any Form.) It took about an hour (including filling out paperwork), and he was recovered completely in 2 days, during which he was able to milk it for great sympathy and remote control rights.

He also occasionally points out that, if he should wander. there would be less chance of long term evidence. Maybe this would be encouragement --no strange kids knocking on the door saying "Are you my daddy?"


I'm sticking with the pill. It's worked for years now, so it passes my test which is "no babies." so far, so good.


Sherri - Well, that might be encouraging, but he trumps it with, "But what if they mess with it and it doesn't work any more?"
Marriage-101 - The Pill likes me too. I think since I was 18.


Sooo... I guess they REALLY don't want you to have a kid, right?


Sue - well, this is what doesn't quite make sense to me. If women don't have kids while on the drug trial, who's to know if this drug isn't like Thalidomide until after it comes out? Then again, if the issue is that it might cause birth control to not work, then we should know that too.

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