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November 14, 2007



I heart Gary.


...and now I am in love with Gary. :) Vicariously of course.


That is awesome. Gary wins, and so do you.

Queen Mother

You forgot the part about how good he is to your Mum.


I <3 Gary. What a good dude.


Ok, those things definitely weigh heavily in Gary's favor, even against manic fear of a dogpee floor and pictures of Poo.

They all have something like that going for them. Mine can annoy the crap out of me with little things like his fear of the garbage can, his belief that I can psychically hear the plans he's thinking about, and his tendency to eat the last of whatever is around without either asking if I want some or taking the empty box/container out of the pantry/refrigerator OR putting it on the grocery list.

At the same time, he will jump out of bed in an instant when I wake at 4 am with a screaming leg cramp and massage that leg until I can breathe again, and then he will get back in bed and cuddle me until I go to sleep. No bitching, no complaining, not even a little nag the next morning. Gotta love him.


Gary is a stud.


You go, Gary!

My husband is from a different country where they speak a whole different language. I have never heard the words "I'm sorry" come out of his mouth ever. Not once. In any language. Not even pig latin.

Friend #3

Made me tear up a bit. Very sweet hubby you have there. :-)


All - I told Gary via email of his remarkable Internet popularity. His response, via email:

"I will always be beloved because I am silent, like a dog."

I am fairly sure he means "silent" as in "not defending myself when my wife ridicules me."

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