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October 22, 2007



There's a book called 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die (the list is somewhere on listsofbests.com. Too early/Too lazy to link). I've seen shockingly few of those, even though I did better on the movies lists than I did on books and movies. (I'm really embarrassed by the books list. What were they teaching us when we were supposed to be reading Tom Sawyer?)


I'm doing you a favor. Do NOT watch 'Sophie's Choice. Do not, do not, do not. If you insist on watching it, watch it with the sound turned down so you can't hear the dialogue. Admire the youthful Kevin Klein.

And if you do insist on watching it with the audio up, concentrate on Meryl's truly horrible Polish accent. Don't listen to the words. Really. I'm begging you. Don't watch this movie.

William Styron wrote the book and he's the publishing industry's poster boy for depression.

Friend #3

Interesting... My parents never were that concerned with brief moments of nudity. I specifically recall seeing the scandalous "Bob, Carol, Ted and Alice" at the drive-in. I also managed to catch the Sally Kellerman shower scene from "M*A*S*H" at that same drive-in. With my parents.

But then again, my mom was the original, blushing prude when it came to discussing sex with us kids - she didn't. And my (by comparison) more sensible dad didn't exactly fill us in either. Why explain sex to your kids when movies can do it for them?

Oh, well. I'm relatively sane.


Yeah, not sure I'd call Sophie's Choice a love story...but that could just be my opinion on it.

I love this meme, I may have to steal it myself.


Becs took the words right out of my mouth. Seriously.


Oooooooooo, I love this meme. I'm a crazy Netflix fan, so I'm doing it sometime soon.

Goodfellas is really good. You really need to see that. :)


I remember seeing Sophie's Choice on the big screen. Jeezus. No one needs to see such cruelty writ so large! Also, this movie made me cry. Not just while I was watching, but I cried for days afterwards whenever I would think about it. Too, too depressing.


We watched The General in my film history class, and there's this scene where they collapse a bridge and crash a train into the river below it that captivated us because it looked super realistic and it's from the 1920s so it's not like they could CGI it or anything. We ended up asking our professor how they did it: they crashed a real train off of a real bridge into a real lake.

It's not really the most economically sound method, and you only get one take, but damn. They knew how to make movies back then.

Also, does reading all these comments make you want to watch Sophie's Choice? I'm totally thinking about renting it now.


I am hereby threatening to post the entire horrible, gut-wrenching, mind-muddying plot complete with spoilers of 'Sophie's Choice' if QM threatens to watch it.

Think 'Schindler's List' only more depressing.


I saw Sophie's Choice when I was about eight years old in the theater and have absolutely no recollection - but I turned out a happy person.


Kathy - Seriously? Tom Sawyer? Not Huckleberry Finn? That must have been at the bottom of the list.
Becs - Okay ... but it's supposed to be really good ...
Friend #3 - Remember, I know you.
Candy - You can find the whole meme in its original format at http://sothathappened.typepad.com/main/2007/10/the-inevitable-.html
Sue - That just makes it seem more intriguing...
Ajooja - Huh. I might have to start with that. Even though Sophie's Choice is sounding better and better.
KC - Okay, so another vote for Sophie's Choice ...
Erin - Yep. I think Sophie's Choice is next!
Becs - She has to sacrifice a child, right? I can take that.
TasterSpoon - See? You are years ahead of me. Gotta see this movie.


You've seen a LOT more of those movies than I have. Heh.

One that I've seen that you haven't: The Wild Bunch. It's a western. It's surprisingly good. Tons of modern movies were influenced by the directing style in it. You should check it out eventually.

But I'm totally putting Sophie's Choice on the top of my Netflix queue now. The curiosity, it is strong!


Hmmm, I might have to steal that meme, too. Thanks!


Carrie - I know! And be sure you watch it in the morning so it can affect your whole day!
Melissa - Steal away - lord knows I've stolen enough from you.


I actually haven't seen any of these either. Including Raging Bull.

With the exception of Goodfellas. Reall? Goodfellas? It's a kick-ass movie. Pesci, Deniro...But very, uh, vulgar.


Marriage-101 - Vulgar? Is it coarse and vulgar? Sounds like a perfect movie for me.

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