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October 15, 2007



Heheh. Beavis, she said vibrator!
And your google stats just had an embolism. (Jenny - you know, from kansas, because Typekey is weird...)


Also, did I tell you? Last week I was digging through an old box of CDs and found...wait for it...GORDON. With the original cover. And I thought, Oooh, the Queen would love to hear this!

Friend #3

See, the next question is how many hits you've gotten from the CBS link? And any new victims to your majesty's blog?


"After you finish the article you are relieved you didn't see a quote like "Oliver Sacks has been criticized by many, including this cow here with her B.A. in English."

That's one of my secret fears: that I'm going to piss off a "famous" somebody via my website.


I love that you mentioned toes, vibrators, and bathroom decorations in the same paragraph as Katie Couric. She should be so lucky that you would give her advice on how to increase blog traffic. Maybe you should give me advice on how to increase blog traffic...maybe I should just update more:)


Wow. I am in awe. Keep it up and I'll have to move you to my "fame" category! ;)


Can I have your autograph?


I wonder why you're not in the "Recommended" column.

That's pretty awesome. I'm going to start linking randomly to a bunch of CBS news stories.


It looks like you got plenty of hits to make up for my lack of participation since being in client quarantine.

We'll have to keep an eye on Katie's column to see if she takes your advice.

Friend #3

Geez, if you make The Guardian or The Daily Mail websites, you are going to be hell to work with.


CadyKansas - Seriously? The cover with the really really bad photos of the guys? Awesome! Hey, keep looking and let me know if you have any cassettes, in particular the famous Yellow Tape.
Kathy - I know. I wonder if there have been incidents with celebrities defending themselves in commoners' blogs.
Autumn - Isn't Katie dating some boy child now? I bet she doesnt have a vibrator, but she must have toes.
sue - Im going for the Infamy category.
Zayrina - I only autograph body parts, sorry.
TasterSpoon - It is remarkable. And I want to know who at LAweekly's Moveabletype Enterprise is linking to me too - I cant get to it without a membership Hmm. It's a plot.
Caroline - Nah, that Katie has a stick up her ass.
Friend #3 - Oh, pfft. I want to be read into the Congressional Record now.

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