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October 07, 2007



Okay, after finishing up with Anderson Cooper, you must eat at this southern' cookin' place called Mary Mac's Tea Room on Ponce De Leon.

Oh, good God, was that some delicious food. You know it's good when everythign on the menu is beige except the collard greens and the fried green tomatoes (which are still beige because of the fried part of the equation).


I am sooo sorry you have to go to Atlanta. I was there for a week and I honestly found nothing about the place to love. At. All. And I'm from the south.

And sorry to harsh your buzz but Anderson Cooper's just a bleeding heart little white boy living off his mama's money. If he wasn't Gloria Vanderbilt's kid, you'd never have heard of him.

Of course, my own newsboy passion is reserved for John Hockenberry. He's freakin' fearless.


I thought Anderson Cooper was gay, therefore not an appropriate object for feminine lust.


Sarah - a soul food tea room? Something tells me I could find snoots here easier than scones.
Becs - Nuh-uh! Nuh-UUUNNNH! If he could live off of mamas money, would he have chosen to stand around in all those hurricanes? Would he have been a child model since the age of 10? I mean, if Gloria Vanderbilt was my mom I would never have stooped to doing Celebrity Mole.
Zayrina - Well, since I seem to be re-visiting my adolescence it seems appropriate I would go back to gay men who can do me no harm.


Anderson Cooper is so dreamy. I couldn't care less what team he plays on. In my heaven, he swings by every night to hand-feed me creme brulee, stroke my hair and read to me until I fall asleep. I'll bet he smells awesome - like Armani, tropical winds and freshly-minted dollars. I think your Atlantic priorities are squarely in the right place.


Tracy27 - In addition to the scent of old money and male moisturizer, Anderson has the gray hair/blue eyes combo Gary has. He's like a self-composed, objective version of my husband. I could overlook the gay thing.


You should know that, if you ever wander to Orlando, you can go to Gatorland and eat all the gator you want from the booth in the back. I abstained, because I prefer not to eat reptiles in general, but my husband and friend really enjoyed it.

Gatorland has a website. You should go look.


Oh -- re: Gay men as unsuitable objects for straight female lust.

Huh? If gay men can lust for straight men (as they often do, I am informed by several gay men) why can't straight women lust for gay men? It really only becomes a problem when both are in the same room, and one is naked with intentions of getting the other naked and the other doesn't want to. Since there are rare enough chances for that with the usual objet d'lust, it doesn't tend to be an issue.

In fantasy land, everyone is fair game. Lust all you like.


I can't lust after gay men. For me to lust, there has to be some grain of hope, however remote, that the object of my lust could possibly return that lust. For me, gay men are lust lost, and there is no hope that they will overlook my middle-aged lumpybuttedness.

Otherwise I agree he has serious potential as eye candy.


You have a one-track mind, doncha?


AC is definitely in my celebrity top five.

He comes on the TV in the ladies locker room at my horrible nasty gym, and every woman, from every walk of life, stops what she's doing and STARES.


Also, somebody forwarded me the text of his graduation address at Princeton a few years back, and it was really funny. Which is also hot.


Ah, Zayrina, there is no hope for me, and being who I am, if there WAS even the teeniest grain of possibility, it would automatically make the potential lust object objectionable and I would run like a leedle bunny. Thus, the less possibility there is, the most lustable the person.

I'm especially fond of historical figures.


Sherri - I think I've had rattlesnake. I think looking at a cage of pissed doomed gators would make me sad. I'd rather eat free-range gators.
Zayrina / Sherri - Here my rules for admission to my fantasy-land: you must be this available to ride this ride. As a gay man, Anderson only gets vague dreamy sighs and fleeting fantasies. He doesn't rate the full fantasy workup. That would be the one with the realistic plot, and the costume and set design, and the nightly mental writing and polishing and rewrites. But he is pretty.
sue - What did you say? I thought I heard you say Anderson Cooper.
TasterSpoon - Did he laugh nervously, though? I saw him on some late night show, and he no longer laughs in my fleeting fantasies.
Sherri - leedle bunny! Ha!


AC is on The View, pity everyone is probably working and can't watch.


The gators kinda do range around for free. And it's hard to feel sorry for the things. They stink more than goats and are far less cute. They EAT the cute things.


Zayrina - tease! Actually, Wikipedia says he isn't based in Atlanta, so I won't see him anyway.
Sherri - Like puppies? Eat the gators alive!

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