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October 20, 2007


Friend #3

The St Louis Post Dispatch and RFT should have had this review of their concert here. I think this review would have hit a homerun! :-)

Hot Mom

For all those reasons, I have ousted the Police Live! from the shuffle feature on the iPod. The songs are repeatitive enough when presented through the studio.


Friend #3/Hot Mom - why are you awake? Go back to sleep!


Hilarious! And so true. I, too, have removed The Police from my mp3 player due to the repetive, drawn-out endings of the songs.


This is not the blog I expected to read this morning.


I'm convinced the only way to hear live music is...live. Especially after several drinks. Any other way is just disappointing.


Melissa - Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes yes yes oh yes oh yes oh oh uh cha.
Caroline - What happens at GNO, stays at GNO. You gno that.
Kathy - Okay, but with the exception of Rock Spectacle.


I would take BNL over the Police any day.


Sue - totally. Id even pay Police prices to see them.

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