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October 16, 2007


Friend #3


- seats 5
- 49 mpg
- ecological
- tachometer

Honda Petit Mal

- seats 5 very skinny, short young people
- 30 mpg
- ecological when compared to the Humvee
- tachometer *ta daaaaaaaaaaa*


I would think the "urine" name would have turned him off first. ;)


The Prius is freaking expensive. Get a Corolla, it's a good middle ground, and they get about 40mpg.


Friend #3 - And you can recline completely in the Fit. The seats pop right out and you can REARRANGE YOUR CAR. It's like a car from Thunderbirds.
Sue - Neh. Gary hasn't forgotten the name since then, though.
Styro - Well, we looked at one, but it seemed too sedan-esque. I know someone who drove her Corrlla for 200,000 miles. My niece has a Corolla too.


How could you NOT get the car that Steven Page drives?


My car is essentially a Corolla; it's a Geo Prism. It has 196,000 and is ticking along nicely save for a burned out brake light. I get 32-35 mpg.


I drive a P-O-S which has crapped out on me for the last time-this week actually. Would cost $825 to fix and is only worth about 2k...so I'm on a car hunt as well. I don't like it. I don't have any idea about what I want or what to get nor do I have money. Grrr! Cars!


Melissa - I have to say, it crossed my mind. I'm such a sheep.
Caroline - How is your husband with the Prism? I find when Gary gets the car itch it cannot be quelled. Luckily, he only gets the itch every twelve years or so.
Autumn - What we do is wait till the car is worth $200 for the scrap metal, then we keep driving it. I know we're supposed to save up while we have no car payment, but we never do.


I know right...I apparently suck at the saving while not having a car payment also...although, in my defense, I did JUST finish paying it off in April...I thought I was going to have more time-BOO! Oh, and apparently my car is only worth 1k, and that's bc the dealer is being generous. Ha ha ha.


Autumn - I was so pissed the dealer only offered me $250 for my Honda CRX that I called a friend and sold it to her for $250.

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