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October 04, 2007



What are you saying, that he just drops it down into the water? He really is a man!


You know someone at work makes fun of him for the drumming. Someone in women's room has heard it a few times and started hanging out in the hall to see who comes out of the men's room. It's spreading through the rumor mill RIGHT NOW.


No, really...the thought did NOT cross my mind. But now it is there. Blatently, boldly, THERE. Thanks.


As a drummer, and a man, and a husband, I think this is just about the coolest story I've read in years. I'm telling my wife as soon as I get home. :)

Friend #3

Knowing this surely won't make things awkward at the next tea.


Candy - Hey, why do you think I keep getting bladder infections?
Caroline - This could be, except I imagine Gary's already been rumored to have done worse.
Sue - Hey! Stop thinking about my man that way!
ajooja - Is this a universal habit? Do female drummers play bongos on their thighs? I wonder if Gary has to be alone to do this.
Friend #3 - Yeah, because this is the more intimate thing I've revealed about Gary.

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