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October 11, 2007



If I had to list all the books that made an impact in my life, The Golden Notebook would be in my top five, though I don't know why anymore.


I tried to read The Golden Notebook back in college. Meh. I now have a policy against reading any writer who has won just about any literary prize.

And also, I will not read a book by any woman named "Anita", because they always creep me out.


I haven't read any of her works, but I heard someone discussing her on tv last night and they said "To Room 19" was the definative short story about a woman's suicide... does that ring any bells?

Let me know if I can help out anytime. ;)


Kathy - See? It's infuriating. I've never read The Golden Notebook, though.
Becs - I don't know of any Anita writers. I've always had good luck with the Pulitzer Prize novels.
Sue - That sounds about right.


It's a devastating story (To Room 19, that is) about the emptiness of a seemingly content, "intelligent" woman's life, and of the slow slide into depression and eventual despair against which she is powerless. It is also, in its own brutal way, a response to Virginia Woolf's A ROOM OF ONE'S OWN. Suicide, in both cases, being the least of it.

Hot Mom


Are you talking about Virginia Woolf's To The Lighthouse? There was a depressing story.

A Room of One's Own is a writer's manual for the (then) modern woman.

Yes, the author committed suicide but so have a host of other writers and artists. She was bipolar, by the way, and couldn't stand the psychosis that came with her manic episodes.

If you're looking for enlightenment with a non-deathly ending, try The Awakening by Kate Chopin.


JonesJef (Hello JonesJef - please come back) - Hot Mom tells me To the Lighthouse is the one that starts with the kids on the beach. For me, it also stopped with the kids on the beach. I couldn't get into it. Now, I think I recall the essay VW wrote on how it sucks to be a woman writer - the one you mentioned - except that almost suggests VWs suicide was because of her frustrations ... instead of being senseless.
Hot Mom -
Then again, this does explain why I have always confused Doris Lessing and Virginia Woolf.

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